Erthie’s Community Dedication

Erthie is passionate about helping to build thriving and sustainable communities around the world.’s mission is to build an online marketplace dedicated to fair, ethical, and sustainable products. As a mission-driven Benefit Corporation, Erthie makes community impact by;

  • Rewarding Ethical Organizations; offering a flat 2% commission fee model to Non-Profit and Fair Trade organizations (the lowest fee structure available online!).
  • Donating a Portion of Profits; Erthie has committed to donating a portion of our profits to community and environmental causes.
  • Providing Interactive Educational Materials Online (for Free!); quality educational information about natural and sustainable products is an important part of any thriving community. Erthie believes that building this education portal helps consumers make the right choices for them and their families.
  • Promoting Erthie Non-Profits’ Volunteer Opportunities; In addition to Erthie’s corporate volunteerism, we’re creating tools that allow Erthie’s non-profits (such as many fair trade shops) to share their local volunteer opportunities.

    Mission Statement to our Future Customers:

    If you had the power, what kind of future would you create? One in which ethical businesses are rewarded or made irrelevant through cheap competition? A future where the air and land is clean, or one in which we must fear the water we drink? We have an opportunity to mold our future together in a way that no previous society ever has; through our collective online impact!

    You have so much more power than you realize. We live in a capitalist society; one in which cash and consumers are king. We have access to an abundance of choices; choices in the products we buy and the businesses we support.

    How does buying a bottle of this shampoo vs that shampoo help shape our future, you ask? Well, what story does each bottle tell? Most of us have no idea beyond the price and the packaging, but these small choices add up. Every dollar we spend every day is shaping our present and our future.

    Think of the story you’d like your products to tell; made with safe ingredients, by people of appropriate age being paid a fair living wage, who work in safe conditions free from undue risk or harmful chemicals, and finally distributed and sold by organizations with a strong sense of corporate social responsibility; benefiting local economies at every stage of a product’s life cycle (and then being recycled and reused, giving it a new life and purpose).

    That’s the future we want to help create through Erthie; an online community and marketplace that brings together a diverse and exciting range of products made by ethical, safe, and sustainable businesses. Online shopping shouldn’t be a blur of ads and misleading marketing; it should be fun, intuitive, transparent, and provide interactive educational opportunities for consumers about product choice.


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