Swiss voters seen rejecting funding bid for 2026 Winter Olympics

ZURICH (Reuters) – Swiss voters may have dealt a fatal blow to their country’s chances of hosting the 2026 Winter Olympics on Sunday after provisional results from a poll showed they rejected giving financial support for the bid. FILE PHOTO – A poster against the bid is pictured ahead of a local vote to support or not a bid for the 2026 Winter Olympics Games in Sion, Switzerland June 6, 2018.
The poster reads : “Three weeks of party, 30 years of debt – No the the Olympic waste” REUTERS/Denis BalibouseSome 54 percent of voters in the southern canton of Valais rejected granting 100 million Swiss francs ($101.52 million)towards the event, according to provisional results from the Valais government.
It was not immediately clear whether this decision would sound the death knell for the Swiss campaign. .


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